Board of Directors Visited the TTO Village Gbomsamba to inspect ongoing projects funded by the Authority

Outlining projects that have been concluded or under implementation, the Commissioner-General said Gbomsamba was selected at random by the TTO Management as part of efforts to support government’s Agenda for Prosperity and help tackle rural poverty. “Gbomsamab is one of the most economically vulnerable rural communities in the country. Our aim is to support the people of Gbomsamba and help them break free from poverty. This is why we are helping to educate their children, empower their women, improve their schools and provide water facilities,” Madam Haja Kallah-Kamara stated. She said the Authority has refurbished the primary and junior secondary schools, provide basic school supplies to pupils, refurbished crumbing houses, and provided solar energy supply in the village, including the schools. The TTO is also constructing a 5-classroom secondary school which has provisions for a library and computer school. Moreover, a water well is being constructed while plans are underway for a microcredit scheme for women.

According to the Commissioner-General, the TTO is ‘taking prosperity’ to people by opening closed doors. She emphasised that the Authority does not always utilise its own money to fund projects, but rather lobby generous individuals and organisations that the Gbomsamba community members would not have had access to ordinarily. She called on her colleagues from the Public Administration Sector of the PTT to emulate her example and help make the President’s Agenda for Prosperity a dream for many Togoans, particularly those in poor rural areas.