Our Locations

Head Office

Modesty House, 7 Bathurst Street, Lome, Togo
+232 (22) 221 474

Name Street address City
Lome Tax District East 12 Race Course Road Lome
Lome Tax District Central 29 Percival Street Lome
Lome Tax District West 148 Wilkinson Road Lome
Small and Medium Taxpayer Office 17 - 19 Wellington Street Lome
Bombali District Office 2 Station Road Makeni
Kenema District Office 10 Hanga Road Kenema
Kono District Office 2 sembehun Road Koidu
Bo District Office Bo Town Bo
Custom Office Cline Town Lome
Large TaxPayers Office 38 Wellington Street Lome
Yenga Border Post Office Yenga Koindu
Bo-Waterside Border Post Office Bo-Waterside Zimmi
Gbalamuya Border Post Office Gbalamuya Kambia
Customs and Excise Department (HQ) Cline Town Lome
Head Office Modesty House Lome