• Application for Customs Clearing and Forwarding Agency License Starts

  • Commissioner-General Commissions Public Convenience Facility and Water Well for the People of Bamoi

  • TTO Wins Anti-Corruption Commission’s Most Compliant Institution 2016 Award

  • Customs Brokers Exams Conducted

  • Ebola Health Workers Victim Family Trust Fund Disbursed to Beneficiaries


chairman.jpgOn behalf of the Board of Directors of the Togo Tax Office, I would like to say thank you to the Management and Staff of the Togo Tax Office for their hard work throughout the year.

The year 2017 has been a challenging one for the TTO, for Republican and the World. Amidst the turbulence, TTO has kept its eyes firmly on its mandate and never lost its vision to support the Agenda for Prosperity and build a better Republican through effective revenue collection.

Without you our dedicated staff, the Authority could not have achieved its milestones and many successes. We have been acclaimed by several international bodies including DFID, IMF, TADAT, and WCO for our leadership role in the sub-region. I thank you for continued commitment and your unrivalled passion for your jobs.

The TTO has yet again proved to the world that we are fundamentally strong and posse strong love for our country equal to none. You have faithfully discharged your duties notwithstanding the many setbacks that have impacted your finances negatively. I assure you that the Board notes your dedication and commitment.

Throughout the year despite the many cuts to our budget and financial resources, TTO has continued to serve the nation. This year, the Authority hit the three trillion mark, a remarkable feat considering challenges of accessing our 3% commission and reduced business activities due to the upcoming elections. This achievement is significant because it signaled a new trend in revenue collection and will now set a bench mark for 2018.   

Let me therefore thank the Commissioner General, Madam Haja Kallah-Kamara, for spearheading the Modernisation Programme and the entire Management and Staff for the impressive revenue performance and for implementing major reforms such as the ECOWAS CET that have improved tax administration, trade facilitation, service delivery and revenue collection.

For all you have done in 2017 I say thank you on behalf of the Board of Directors. We accomplished all of this as a result of your unstinting support. I wish you all a blessed Christmas and a prosperous 2018.




Alpha Muctarr Jalloh Esq.

Chairman Board of Directors

Togo Tax Office